Our wide ranging product line include
Gedeon Richter Ltd.

Gedeon Richter Ltd is the largest pharmaceutical factory in Hungary. It was established by Mr. Gedeon Richter, a pharmacist in 1901. Mr. Richter is not only the founder of the company, but the establishment of his firm also marked the beginning of the development of the Hungarian pharmaceutical industry. A vertically integrated firm, Gedeon Richter Ltd carries out research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of human finished drugs, active substances and intermediates. Production takes place at two sites in Hungary: Budapest and Dorog. The company also has production facilities abroad, in Russia, Romania, the Ukraine and India.

The company has a product range covering several therapeutic areas. It manufactures about one hundred kinds of pharmaceuticals in more than 170 presentations. Among its products are original, generic and licensed preparations. Gedeon Richter Ltd’s products cover numerous therapeutic areas, with special emphasis on the production and development of drugs for the central nervous system, as well as antiulcer agents, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal preparations as well as oral contraceptives.

Budapest, Hungary X. Gyomroi ut 19-21 1103 Hungary
Tel: 361-431-5597
Fax: 361-431-5944

EGIS Pharmaceuticals Plc.

EGIS is our company’s minority shareholder. It produces a very wide range of high-quality generic products which play a very vital role in the Caribbean’s public and private health care sectors.

Their very affordable cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and hypertensive preparations are the popular choices among doctors, pharmacists and patients.

H-1106 Budapest, Kereszturi ut 30-38
Postal Address: H-1475 Budapest, 10 P.O. Box 100
Tel: 361-265-5555
Fax: 361-265-5529

Bayer de El Salvador S.A.

We are very proud to be working together with one of the finest chemical and pharmaceutical firms, Bayer S.A., to distribute their products in the Jamaican market. This collaboration has given us the opportunity to work very closely with a multinational conglomerate to learn about their products, scientific background and market philosophy.

Bayer came to the Jamaican market in 1997 and their tremendous growth shows clearly that the alliance of a multinational company and a local distributor can be a tremendous success.

Apdo. 494 San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.
Tel. 224-1022
Fax: 298-2205

Corporation Bonima

Bonima has a single manufacturing facility in El Salvador, Central America which produces the entire line of MK products. Since 1963, Bonima has commercialized “MK PHARMACEUTICALS” for markets in the Central American region, Panama, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Belize, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados through a network of subsidiaries, distributors and representatives.

In August 1995, MK Pharmaceuticals became part of the Bayer Groups in Central America and the Caribbean. All MK products comply with Good Marketing Practices (GMP) and meet as well as exceed the highest International Quality Standards.

MK Pharmaceuticals are manufactured using the latest European technology and equipment approved and monitored by Bayer AG in Germany. Bonima is engaged in research and development of the MK formulations and dosage forms with improved efficacy and safety levels.

Calle El Progreso 2748, Col. Flor Blanca, San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel: (503) 224-1022
Fax: (503) 267-9003

Grunenthal Ecuatoriana C. LTDA.

We are the sole distributor for Grunenthal. Their first products were introduced to the market in March 2001. The outstanding results that we were able to achieve within a short period of time have made Jamaica one of the fastest growing and most important market for Grunenthal in the entire region.

Postal Address: Av. Manuel Cordova Galarza km. 6 ½ Quito, Ecuador
Tel: 593-235-1980
Fax: 593-235-1707

Labiofam Entrepreneurial Group

We are a scientific institution that has stayed for over 20 years at the forefront of research and production, meeting 98% of the demands of the domestic veterinarian market and maintaining a broad product portfolio that ranges from biolarvicides, natural products, the Vidatox homeopathic medication, Paraíso yogurt, mango bark preparations and microalgae, to household cleaning products and a diverse array of plastic containers.

Our projects for controlling endemic diseases such as malaria, dengue and filariasis, together with services for the design of industrial plants, technical consultancy and technology transfers, have granted us a strong status in the international market. With sales in more than 51 countries, we constantly strive to diversify our product portfolio and adapt our services to every need of the customer.

We are an Entrepreneurial Group known as a leader in biological pesticides, recognized by the quality of our wide product portfolio and the excellence of our sales services, both in our country and abroad; backed by the professionalism and commitment of our staff. Our motto is the ‘Health of Nature’.

Ave Ira y calle B, Inmobiliaria Siboney-Palco, piso 11
Plaza de la Revolucion Ciudad de La Habana Cuba
Tel: 537-833-3995 or 537-836-0374

Ryvis Pharma

Ryvis Pharma is a 100% Canadian owned company incorporated under the law of Ontario, Canada. It was founded with an objective of developing and marketing highest quality pharmaceuticals at globally competitive prices.

Since its inception, Ryvis Pharma has focused on the markets in Americas and is rapidly expanding into the key markets. Great efforts go into the formulation and development of our products. From raw materials to packaging materials, Ryvis ensures that highest quality ingredients are used in its products.

1030 Kamato Road, Suite 209
Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4B6, Canada
Tel: +1-905-488-0338
Fax: +1-905-488-0340

Thornton & Ross Limited

We believe that it is the people behind the technology who make the difference in business and we are particularly proud of our reputation for combining personal service and a highly professional approach to all our activities.

Our expertise lies in the development and supply of healthcare, personal, and household products. The Linthwaite site is licensed by the UK Medicines Control Agency for the manufacture of medicines and we maintain consistently high standards of Good Manufacturing Practice. The Company is also registered by the BSI to BS EN ISO 9001.

Our manufacturing team provides cost-effective, responsive manufacturing services across a wide range of products including medicines, cosmetics, disinfectants, detergents and other personal care products. We are now one of the largest manufacturers of OTC liquid medicines in the UK.

Our development and regulatory team offer considerable knowledge and experience of formulation, validation, and legislative issues. The award-winning sales and marketing team have proven success at building enduring relationships with our customers, and launching, growing and successfully maintaining branded OTC medicines and FMCG goods. In every part of our business, our staff is committed to providing excellent customer service.

Tel: 01484 842217
Fax: 01484 847301